What is Crowd-Werbung?


Crowd-Werbung is a Swiss nonprofit association which collects donations from the crowd for financing publicity (Werbung). We select, propose and purchase advertisement in trams, trains and in the streets. Everybody can propose novel topics.
Our objective is to increase awareness on selected themes by supporting independent events, news, books and nonprofit initiatives. Our concept consciously violates the rules of the market, where the wealthiest can influence people the most, in an escalation of power and richness.
Crowd-Werbung is a recent experiment which needs your support.

Why would I help?

Crowd-Werbung empowers people rather than corporations, and it encourages ideas rather than consumption. Normal publicity is not gratis either, but it is finally paid by the end-user. Crowd-Werbung, however, also gives you a voice.
We are living in exceptional times: there have never been so many people forced to leave their home, climate threatens our future with irreversible changes, surveillance and digital technologies are increasingly manipulating individuals and democracies, only to mention a few. And still, the majority of people are not fully aware of this.
Everybody knows Coca-Cola instead. Do we really need therefore Coca-Cola posters covering every corner of our city? Do we really need xenophobic propaganda? Do we really need to buy ultra-luxury goods? This system does not reflect the society we want to live in, so we are trying to change it.


The challenges we face are daunting, and the only hope for a decent future is direct engagement by all of us. The initiatives of crowd-werbung.ch are therefore most welcome, and I hope they elicit a broad and committed response.

Noam Chomsky, 11 March 2017